In tailor-made production, our customers are able to harness the tremendous advantages our company offers: We offer service and expertise on cost optimisation, engineering and for special requests. We also manufacture components that require a tailor-made solution using machinery and equipment from our own mechanical engineering facility. We also develop and build the required testing equipment, complying with the strictest quality standards.

Especially within the range of the Aviation branch,safety and product quality are the key indicators for the success of our company. By employing individually adapted production programs which are followed by the execution according EN9100:2009 we safeguard the highest quality of our products and an optimum cost efficiency.

The products

  • Tailor-made, complex, precise and custom parts according to drawing
  • Individual parts to large-scale series

The material

  • Steel, stainless steels, aluminium and all kind of aluminium alloys as well as special alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, titanium, synthetics, carbon fibre materials.

nosta - aviation

Our products make sure you can fly relaxed. Already when registering an order we make sure your requirements will be reflected in the product. Your CAD data will be put into our CAD/CAM System by our competent staff and adapted accordingly. Our large machinery park of 5 axle CNC machines will be used to put your creativity into practice. Creativity which becomes reality supported by an unlimited space of precision and uncompromising quality standards.

nosta produces for the aviation industry as well as other industries and fulfills the highest safety standards. By using the latest measurement methods and the known statistical standards the quality can be safeguarded during the complete production process and product life circle on a constant level.