nosta nutenschraube variante 1

T-bolt, forged from solid metal.

nosta nutenschraube variante 2

A nut for T-slots becomes a T-bolt, by screwing in a setscrew and gluing, locking or welding it. 

nosta nutenschraube variante 3

A slot nut with hole without thread becomes a T-bolt when a standard hexagon bolt is pushed through it. The geometric shape of the slot nut prevents the bolt from turning during assembly. 

nosta nutenschraube variante 4

If, after the slot nut has been installed, the clear dimension in the T-slot chamber between the C-rail and the bolt head is larger than the bolt head height, the bolt should be fixed in the slot nut, e.g. by locking it or using fixing clips, cover plate, etc.

nosta nutenschraube variante 5

The locator of the hexagon head in the slot nut prevents the bolt head from turning when the bolt is tightened. Elongated holes, U-profile shapes and hexagonal stepped holes fulfil this task. Slot nuts without thread can usually be pushed in. Special shapes for swivelling in and screwing are conditionally possible. In this way, a slot nut and bolt become a T-bolt.