Manufacturing techniques milling

nosta uses state-of-the-art machinery consisting of robotic and handling systems assisted five-axis simultaneous milling machines as well as four- and three-axis milling centres. Machinery extensions in the form of product-specific supply systems or special clamping devices, designed by nosta’s in-house mechanical engineering department, complete the range of products. This enables us to support the entire product life cycle.
Rotary transfer milling machines with up to 22 axes have a special role in CNC machining. Six machining spindles in use at the same time and automated loading and unloading make it possible to machine complex components with short throughput cycles. These systems are supported by CAD-CAM and tool management systems.


nosta manufacturing processes

State-of-the-art machinery, assisted by robotics, sophisticated handling and tool management systems make it possible to manufacture highly complex components. In addition, our in-house mechanical engineering service allows us to respond to customer requirements in the most flexible way.

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