Manufacturing techniques grinding

Double face grinding

Double face grinding is a through-feed grinding process. The workpiece is passed between two grinding discs using a transporter. Low throughput times are achieved with high precision, plane parallelism and excellent surface quality. We process all materials, from standard steel types to ceramics and plastics.

Flat and profile grinding

Grinding is used for fine and finish machining of workpieces in flat or profile grinding processes with a grinding disc contour geometrically adapted to the component. On our high-quality machines, the workpieces are clamped using a magnetic clamping plate, a vacuum table or using mechanical clamping systems as well as zero-point clamping systems. Depending on the components to be machined, pendulum grinding, plunge pendulum grinding or creep feed grinding is used.

High-speed grinding nosta (HSGN) machines have a special role at nosta. These machines achieve up to 220 metres per second circumferential speed and very high volumetric removal rate Qw

Barrel finishing – Trowalisation

With the circular vibrators and centrifugal grinding machines used at nosta, components are optimally intermediate or finish machined. The spectrum of machining in this instance includes enhancing surface quality, deburring, rounding and polishing.
The different types and sizes of installation allow maximum flexibility for finish requirements, component dimensions, production batch sizes and separation according to materials.


nosta manufacturing processes

State-of-the-art machinery, assisted by robotics, sophisticated handling and tool management systems make it possible to manufacture highly complex components. In addition, our in-house mechanical engineering service allows us to respond to customer requirements in the most flexible way.

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