Manufacturing method cutting


nosta uses fast and precise band, mitre and circular saws for both individual and volume production. This process is supported by automatic loading and unloading equipment using bar loaders and robots. Our technologies enable us to use high-performance cutting materials such as HM + HSS with cost-effective production while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Abrasive cutting

Grinding is a special abrasive machining process which uses a grinding wheel as cutting tool. The advantage of this type of machining is that it combines a two-step manufacturing process with high accuracy and geometric allocation. This eliminates downstream operations that would otherwise be required.

Adiabatic cutting

Adiabatic cutting, also known as HSIC – High-Speed Impact Cutting, completes the cutting processes used at nosta. This form of high-speed cutting with incorporated energy recovery, in which the workpiece is “knocked off”, results in very high production cycle times with minimal material waste. When combined with coil feeding, this process is suitable for medium to large batch sizes.


nosta manufacturing processes

State-of-the-art machinery, assisted by robotics, sophisticated handling and tool management systems make it possible to manufacture highly complex components. In addition, our in-house mechanical engineering service allows us to respond to customer requirements in the most flexible way.

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