nosta additional services

In addition to standard manufacturing processes, nosta offers a range of additional services making us a full-service provider – ensuring that you get everything from a single source with the usual precision.

Heat treatment/change of material properties

  • Case hardening

  • Induction hardening

  • Quenching

  • Nitriding

  • Quenching and tempering

  • and all other heat treatment methods

Surface treatment/surface coating

  • Galvanizing

  • Chroming

  • Tin plating

  • Eloxation

  • Anodisation

  • Painting

  • PVD coating

  • and custom solutions on request

Labelling in accordance with VDA/Customer specification/Customer specification

  • Inkjet marking

  • Axle laser marking, QR code, data matrix code, consecutive serial number, etc. in a continuous process, individually and also in blister packs – depending on component quantity and size

  • Stamping of components coating

  • Labelling

  • and custom solutions on request

Component assembly

  • Assembling sub-assemblies

  • Completing packaging units

Packaging according to customer specifications

Packaging according to customer specifications: blisters, cardboard boxes, bags or Euroboxes

Welding – Embossing

Automated attachment of restraint elements such as balls and springs, tension and compression springs as well as resistance welding of leaf springs

100 % final inspection

100% tactile/optical inspection in accordance with special agreements


nosta additional services

Take advantage of our wide range of additional services. We are happy to offer other solutions on request. Together with our customers, we realise a wide range of projects.

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