nosta components for agricultural and construction machinery

From developing prototypes to small batch production and series delivery – we accompany you every step of the way.

Nowadays, agricultural and construction machinery plays a significant role in infrastructure development and also in securing the food supply. Designed for high performance, the latest agricultural and construction machinery is more powerful than ever to meet the growing demand for shorter construction times and higher crop yields. At nosta, we support this latest generation of performance enhancement by providing development and manufacturing capacities..

Individual development and manufacture of your customised components and assemblies

Innovative technology, the highest quality standards and maximum productivity – all these factors are crucial when looking for a reliable supplier. As an experienced manufacturer of a wide range of custom manufactured components for agricultural and construction machinery, we are able to put your requirements and ideas into practice efficiently and economically.

For example, for decades now we have been developing, producing and supplying extremely high-quality components for hydraulic pumps, which are deployed in construction machinery in extremely difficult conditions and under maximum load. Other components, in turn, are employed in oil pumps. These components perform reliably under constant load and ensure that lubrication circuits function optimally.

Discover the wide range of options we offer as a result of our highest development and manufacturing competence and our uncompromising quality guarantee for the construction of custom components in accordance with your wishes.

Standard products: nosta Woodruff and parallel keys for agricultural and construction machinery

Nosta’s standard products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and a wide range is already available from stock.

Our parallel and Woodruff keys, manufactured according to DIN or customised, are used by renowned construction and agricultural machinery manufacturers for shaft-hub connections. The form-fit connection technology is used to transmit torque from the drive shaft to the gear wheel, for example.

As IATF-16949-certified manufacturer, we meet the most stringent requirements, which are incorporated into specially designed manufacturing and testing processes. A 100% inspection of each item that is produced ensures that we meet the demands placed on a quality manufacturer and that every item and every batch delivered to you is error-free.

You can also benefit from a wide range of Online-3D-Data to integrate our standard products directly into your structures and mechanical parts.