nosta quality management

Quality in all parts – our philosophy which sets nosta apart and guides our actions every day. A high level of quality awareness in our process development and in the manufacture of our products, as evidenced by our numerous certifications, inspires our customers anew every day.


Quality assurance at nosta

Continuous further development of the processes, end-to-end testing of the entire production chain and regular recertification form the basis of quality assurance at nosta. In combination with ongoing training of our employees, we inspire our customers anew every day with quality in all parts.


Employee qualification

A high level of employee qualification and the associated quality awareness is an essential element of our outstanding quality. To live up to this claim, we at nosta place high value on the training and professional development for our employees through numerous internal and external training courses. This is how we inspire our team and our customers every day anew.

Nosta Messmaschine Fertigungsverfahrenübersicht

End-to-end testing

To meet the high quality demands placed on a series supplier, we perform FMEA analysis continuously for early detection and avoidance of design and production errors. In addition, we use state-of-the-art tactile, optical and inductive measuring machines. We also ensure measurements during production by performing in-process measuring.
The inspection procedures are completed using a CAQ system for the area of incoming goods, production and outgoing goods inspection. This is accompanied by systematic planning of inspection characteristics and inspection equipment for all areas. The processes are continuously monitored, traceability is ensured and process capability is guaranteed.